Mission Statement




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Consistent with Holy Trinity School’s mission and values, using athletics to promote the Jesuit traditions of academic excellence, the service of faith, and the promotion of justice. Physical Education and athletics are an integral part of every student’s educational experience and growth in important life traits; such as commitment, teamwork, resilience, communication, and perseverance. We are dedicated in developing the foundation for physical fitness and its application for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Through competition, students will learn how to positively grow as students, citizens, and leaders.

Vision Statement

Holy Trinity School Athletics will be a model program for positive youth development in athletics and character. Through this development the department will be a source of campus and community pride. We will promote inclusion and encourage all to participate in athletics.


Positively develop character through athletics and fitness:

  • By teaching and laying the foundation of leadership qualities and sportsmanship for all students.
  • Through the use of positive teaching and coaching from all coaches and staff.

Contribute to Holy Trinity School’s community morale among students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and friends:

  • Encourage students of all walks of life and ability to participate through promoting an environment of inclusion.
  • Create an atmosphere of camaraderie through competition and sportsmanship.

Create a collaborative working environment in an effort to achieve excellence in competition, on and off the court/field, and in the classroom:

  • A balanced culture that promotes success in athletics and academics.
  • Support healthy competition that is consistent with the Jesuit Tradition of academic excellence, critical thinking, a bias for action, introspection and a presupposition of goodness in others.


Holy Trinity Catholic School Athletics is a member of the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) , which is part of the Archdiocese of Washington. The team sports that are offered through CYO at Holy Trinity are:

  • Cross Country
  • Basketball
  • Softball
  • Track & Field
  • Soccer (Through Our Lady of Victory)


The Athletic Program strives to compete at all levels of competition provided by the CYO and to choose the appropriate teams necessary to compete as representatives of Holy Trinity School and Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

Participant Eligibility

The following details the list of participants who are eligible to participate in the Athletic Program at Holy Trinity. (Please note that the CYO league rules for participation are also applicable):

  • Children of Holy Trinity Parish
  • Children who attend Holy Trinity School
  • Children who attend Holy Trinity School but belong to other parishes

Team Selections

The Athletic Program at Holy Trinity believes that every child has the right to play and participate in any sport that child selects.  The Athletic Program at Holy Trinity will attempt to properly place a child with a team that best suits that individual.  Depending on the sport and grade level, groups of athletes will be evaluated individually by the coaches and outside assessors.  Additionally, in keeping with doctrine set forth in the CYO handbook, teams will be divided to match the league's prescribed criteria.

In Mid-Atlantic competition, as well as tournament teams, the CYO suggests that the teams be divided by skills to match the prescribed league.  In non-tournament and instructional leagues, it is suggested that teams be evenly distributed.  In any effort to make the experience enjoyable for everyone involved these guidelines suggested by CYO will be followed.

It is the responsibility of the Athletic Director to decide how the players will be selected for each team.  It is the responsibility of the parents to find out how the teams will be divided before the teams are selected.  The Athletic Director holds a parents meeting before the beginning of each season to explain how teams are divided and to address all questions that parents or guardians may have.

Calendar Overview


  • Cross Country Season
  • Begin Basketball Registration


  • Cross Country Championships
  • Basketball Skills Assessment for grades 5-8


  • Basketball Practices begin


  • Basketball Games begin for Mid Atlantic, Varsity and JV Tournament Teams


  • Basketball Games begin for JV Non-Tournament and Rookie Teams


  • Basketball Games continue and some tournaments begin. Registration for Softball and Track


  • Basketball ends and Track and Softball practices begin


  • Softball and Track Competition begins


  • Softball and Track continue

Program Coordinators

Athletic Director:  Gerald McCaslin |

We can never have enough volunteers! The Athletic Program at Holy Trinity is always trying to recruit the help of our parents no matter which sport your child participates. All of our coaches are volunteers and come to us from the parish bulletin, parent body, or word of mouth. We are extremely grateful for all our volunteers and never seem to run out of ways for people to help!

The Athletic Program at Holy Trinity is an established school organization. It is coordinated and supported by the following individuals:

  • Athletic Program at Holy Trinity Athletic Director
  • Athletic Program at Holy Trinity Assistant Athletic Director
  • Holy Trinity School HSA Representative
  • Athletic Program at Holy Trinity Coaches
  • Parents/Guardians of children currently participating in the Athletic Program at Holy Trinity programs and activities
  • Persons assisting and supporting the Athletic Program at Holy Trinity through volunteer service