Visual Arts

Every child at Holy Trinity takes art once a week for 45 minutes in our art studio, a collaborative work space that features a kiln. Students use various mediums to create art that celebrates our core Jesuit values and who they are as individuals. Using pastels, paint, clay and recycled materials, students engage in multi-week projects and are introduced to new techniques each session. We study works by the great masters, contemporary art, and a wide range of historical and cultural art traditions. In our school’s mission to “finding God in all things”, students will often have art class outside, where they learn to develop an appreciation for art in its truest form.


Music and Theatre 

Children at HTS explore their musicality in weekly general music classes that are designed to engage students in joyful, active music making. The curriculum combines the pedagogical approaches of the Orff-Schulwerk and First Steps in Music to focus on building community through music and developing musical literacy. Key elements of the curriculum include singing, playing classroom instruments, movement to show form and expression, rhythm reading, melodic notation in the upper grades, improvisation, exploring timbre (instruments of the orchestra), folk dancing, and performing at school events. Students have the opportunity to play Orff instruments (xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels), tubano drums, ukuleles, recorders, and a wide assortment of hand-held percussion instruments.. All classes perform at the annual Christmas Show, and the HTS Chorus sings at school masses and Night of the Arts in the Spring.