Athletic Mission, Vision & Goals

Mission Statement

Consistent with Holy Trinity School’s mission and values, the HTS Athletics Program uses sport to promote the Jesuit traditions of excellence, the service of faith, and the promotion of justice. Through competition, students will learn how to positively grow as students, citizens, and leaders. The HTS Athletics Program is commited to meeting the student athlete at their individual skill levels and providing a challenging environment for skill development in both team and individual sports. The HTS Athletics mission is realized through its Core Values of character, community, and respect.


Core Values

Positively develop character through athletics and fitness:


  • By teaching and laying the foundation of leadership qualities and sportsmanship for all students.
  • Through the use of positive coaching and mentorship from all coaches and staff.


Contribute to Holy Trinity School’s community morale among students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and friends:


  • Encourage all students to participate through promoting an environment of inclusion.
  • Create an atmosphere of camaraderie through competition and sportsmanship.


Encourage mutual respect and presuppose the goodness in others:


  • Value the contributions of all teammates and demonstrate compassion for teammates and peers in victory or defeat.
  • All coaches, players, and parents will positively represent HTS by honoring the rules of the game, the officials, the facilities, and the opposing teams.