Upper School

Holy Trinity School provides a distinguished program that focuses on the education of the whole child. A key aspect of the curriculum is Cura Personalis, a Latin term for “care of the person.” It is the conscious commitment to meet the academic, physical, social-emotional, and spiritual needs of the individual learner. Influenced by the charism of St. Ignatius, it is a hallmark of Jesuit education.

Providing rigorous expectations and joyful, student-center learning


Our 5th grade students:

  • Recognize main ideas, draw inferences and make connections in fiction and non-fiction reading
  • Explore scientific methods and foundational scientific principles through hands-on projects and experiments
  • Acquire logic, number sense and scientific inquiry in cross-curricular collaborations
  • Employ technology across the curriculum
  • Utilize geographic skills in acquiring an understanding of American history

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Developing strong academic skills and relationship-based teaching and learning


Our 6th grade students:


  • Gain strong essay writing skills through analysis of prose and verse for sound and sense
  • Explore world geography and the lands and cultures of the Western Hemisphere
  • Focus on the elements and principles of art, art movements and cultures
  • Apply the scientific method to lab experiments, projects and inventions
  • Utilize technology in reading, writing and presentations across the curriculum

Developing strong academic skills and relationship-based teaching and learning


Our 7th grade students:

  • Look inside poems for sound and sense and find the voice behind the speaker of an essay or narrative
  • Explore the people, cultures and geography of the Eastern Hemisphere with a major focus on Asia,
    Africa and the Pacific
  • Examine and reason using statistics, graphing, algebraic reasoning and probability
  • Focus on life science and learn about cells, heredity, bacteria, viruses and ecology
  • Create Fauve world architecture paintings, pop art still lifes, tessellations and gargoyles

Developing strong academic skills and relationship-based teaching and learning


Our 8th grade students:

  • Grow as effective writers of English prose that is clear, creative, concise and precise
  • Delve into classical literature through cross-curricular projects including history, drama and music
  • Recognize the doctrinal and personal meaning of the sacrament of Confirmation
  • Graph linear equations and solve systems of equations through operations with polynomials and factoring
  • Explore US history using books, primary sources and field trips to historical sites and museums