Welcome to the Holy Trinity Library!

Library Mission Statement:

Our Library seeks to put books in the hands of our students that will foster a love and joy of reading with two main goals: Helping students make sense of their own experience (mirror books), and Exposing them to experiences and perspectives that might not be the same as their own (window books). Libraries all over the world have an important responsibility to paint an accurate and inclusive picture of our world. HTS students are called to be ‘people for others’. We are very blessed to have books that represent cultures and religions from around the world, and marginalized communities that still deal with adversity to this day. As a library for others, it is our mission to make sure that all are welcome, all are loved, and all feel safe in this place.



We have nearly 10,000 books in our collection, and you are welcome to search for your favorite titles using this link to our Library Catalog.  There is no need to login, just click on the ‘Holy Trinity School’ link, then look for the catalog tab.