Annual Fund

Your gift helps Holy Trinity school prepare our students to work with initiative, act with integrity and engage the world as a place in which God can be found in all things.

Your gift to the HTS Annual Fund is the #1 most effective donation you can give to Holy Trinity School.

100% of every donation to the Annual Fund stays on campus and supports the mission of Holy Trinity School Your donation directly impacts the daily life of each and every student and teacher at HTS by:

  • Ensuring the retention and recruitment of a dedicated faculty
  • Providing financial aid to 20% of our student body
  • Maintaining our historic campus
  • Attracting and retaining a diverse student body
  • Equiping our students and faculty with current technology
  • Preserving an 8:1 student-teacher ratio


The HTS Annual Fund

  • Provides its administration with a reasonably predictable source of funds from the community
  • Accounts for 8% of our school’s operating budget
  • Helps close the $4,000 gap between tuition and the cost of educating each student

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