Named Scholarship Funds

Holy Trinity School provides more than $600,000 in available scholarship assistance each year. More than 21% of students receive scholarship aid, of which 10 students receive full tuition assistance. We appreciate the many families and individuals who contribute toward our Endowment and Scholarship Programs.

Jane Beemer Scholarship Fund
Established in memory of our beloved teacher and colleague by her husband, Halsey, and their children, this fund provides an opportunity for a child to attend Holy Trinity School where he or she would be given the groundwork to become an inspiration to others as Jane Beemer was an inspiration to so many of her students and fellow faculty members.

Mary Bourke Scholarship Fund
Established by GS ’31, HS ’35 and the Sisters of Mercy in memory of lifetime Holy Trinity parishioner Mary Bourke, GS ’19, this fund provides scholarship assistance to a needy girl who has leadership qualities in the church and in society.

Claire F. Cahill Memorial Scholarship
Established with a bequest from the estate of longtime parishioner Claire Cahill, this fund provides financial assistance for a needy student.

Cramer/Green Scholarship for the Creative Arts
Established in 1992 with a bequest from parishioner Richard Cramer, this fund provides scholarship assistance to needy students who demonstrate an interest and ability in music or art.

Crowley Program Fund
A fund honoring Ann Marie Crowley’s 37 years of service to Holy Trinity School was established upon her retirement in 2008 to insure the continuance of the Crowley Program, a program specifically geared to helping students with mild to moderate learning differences. This fund provides a financial base that will help support the program itself and individuals who need financial assistance to take advantage of the program.

Nick DeCarlo Fund
Nick DeCarlo, beloved teacher at Holy Trinity, passed away on December 30, 2009, after a valiant fight with cancer. During his 11 years as a teacher, Mr. DeCarlo was also the moderator of the Student Council. After he left the school as a full time teacher, he often came back to substitute teach, visit with students and teachers, and most importantly, work with the Student Council Officers, teaching them honor, leadership and service. A scholarship fund has been established by his friends and family that will help a student who demonstrates these attributes.

Mario Alberto Gonzalez Scholarship
This fund was established by Mitchell M. Bradt GS ’85, in memory of his college roommate. In January 1991, as he was returning from Christmas break, Al was killed behind his fraternity house in Milwaukee by a fourteen-year-old boy who was trying to become a full member of the Latin Kings Gang. Al’s parents were immigrants from Mexico and his father was a window washer. His family was hopeful for their oldest child in what they saw as a land of promise. The young boy is serving a 65-year mandatory sentence in a maximum-security prison. Mitch says, “The juxtaposition of these two young lives highlights the importance of belonging to a loving community of family and school and having a solid, morally and ethically grounded education.” This fund provides financial assistance to a needy student of an ethnic minority.

Sisters of Mercy Scholarship from the Holy Trinity Grade School Class of 1956
In honor of all Sisters of Mercy who dedicated their lives to serving God and to teaching children, the Grade School Class of 1956 has established this scholarship to provide financial aid to a needy student.

Lindsay E. Gund Fund
A tragic accident took the life of Lindsay Gund, GS ’02, in March of 2010. Lindsay was a beloved student at Holy Trinity School during her elementary education years, a bright light among our student body. We are honored that her family chose to honor her memory by establishing a scholarship in her name to benefit a student in the Crowley Tutoring Program at Holy Trinity.

Jesuit Scholarship Fund
Maintained by an annual donation from the Jesuit Fathers of Holy Trinity Church, this fund provides scholarship assistance to needy children.

Jay Logan Popiden Fund
Established by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Popiden in memory of their son, Jay, GS ’93, who died suddenly in 1998. This fund is intended to help students with learning disabilities who need specialized tutoring or general financial assistance.

The O’Brien Scholarship
Established in 2006, by the O’Brien family in memory of: Ellen Catherine Magruder O’Brien (1905-1992), Thomas Aloysius O’Brien (1902-1985), and William H. Dorsch (1890 – 1971). Mrs. O’Brien attended St. Joseph’s Girls’ School from 1911-1915 and was a Holy Trinity Parishioner for over 75 years.
The O’Brien family: Joe – GS ’39; Betty – GS ’40, HS ’44; Bill – GS; Jerry – GS ’47; Jean – GS ’47, HS ’51; and Mike – GS ’56 want to honor their parents and great uncle for sacrificing much to give them the opportunity to attend Holy Trinity School. This scholarship fund is to be used to help needy families with tuition expenses.

Sheila Mary Smythe Scholarship
Established to keep the values of Sheila Mary Smythe alive and present in the educational forum. This scholarship is intended to provide a quality Catholic education to children during their formative years. Priority will be given to children in the public child welfare system or those adopted from the child welfare system, and/or any child whose family is unable to afford a quality, valued based education.

Current Use Scholarship Programs

Gavigan Program
Named in honor of former Holy Trinity Pastor, the Gavigan Program provides an education at Holy Trinity School for low-income family students who have academic motivation and potential for personal growth. This scholarship program provides, in addition to full tuition assistance, support services including tutoring, mentoring, summer school, after-school tutoring/homework assistance, and other services as needed that will help the children succeed at Holy Trinity.

Charles B. and Helen C. McGroddy Memorial Scholarship
Established by their children as a living memorial to honor their parents who sacrificed to provide them with a good Catholic education. This fund provides scholarship aid to promising students who would be unable to attend our school without some financial assistance.

John A. Dooley, Sr. Faculty and Staff Summer Fellowship Program
Established by the Dooley/Adams/Matheson family to honor the legacy left by John to his wife, children, and grandchildren. John was a decades-long supporter of Holy Trinity Church and School. This program is designed to to stimulate the collegial and learning environment at HTS by energizing and supporting faculty and staff in their pursuit of knowledge-broadening experiences. The Program is committed to awarding annual grants that cultivate personal interests, facilitate new discoveries, and encourage new ways of thinking. The 2013 award recipients may be viewed here


Updated: July 9, 2013