Children in Pre-K and Kindergarten do not wear uniforms; however, it is important that the youngest members of our family dress ready to play, indoors and outdoors.  Flip flops and open-backed sandals make it difficult and dangerous to run, jump and climb.

New this year: sneakers are permitted but we require that they be either black or white with minimal (or no) stripes or color. Regular Sperry or other brown school shoes are still a great option.

The purpose of the uniform code is to take away distractions and undue focus on clothing and accessories. At no time is makeup allowed. Jewelry is not allowed with the following exceptions: one watch, no more than two finger rings, one short necklace and one pair of small, single earrings for girls. Boys may not wear earrings.

The following is not allowed at any time:  nail polish or acrylic nails, tattoos (permanent or temporary), henna or hair color, body painting, body piercing. Hair must be neat and away from the eyes.

The following items are available from Flynn and O’Hara, our approved uniform provider: polo shirts, long-sleeved polo shirts, gym t-shirts, jumpers and skirts, and the ‘Peter Pan’ white shirts often worn in the Lower School. Khaki pants and shorts, navy hoodies, navy blue mesh PE shorts and a variety of other items including belts, socks, tights, etc. may be purchased from either Lands End OR Flynn & O’Hara. Here is a Flynn video to help measure your child.

  1. Flynn and O’Hara website (find Holy Trinity School) and Summer 2020 Flyer for Families
  2. Lands End website (our school store number is 900028606).

All students 1st-8th must wear regular ankle or calf white or navy socks.

All polo and gym shirts must have the HTS logo. PE shorts and pants must be solid navy and have no other logos, insignia or stripes. Shoes must be sturdy, black or brown, non-gym shoes on regular-dress days. Uniform shoes include penny loafers, docksiders, dirty bucks, saddle shoes and oxfords. Boots (high top or ankle) may not be worn. On PE days, sneakers or tennis shoes are required. For safety reasons, heels may not be higher than 1 inch, regardless of where the heels of shoes are measured. If you have any questions, please call the Main Office at (202) 337-2339 BEFORE purchasing any uniform item.

HTS also operates a uniform exchange where HTS families can exchange uniforms no longer needed for those in the correct styles and sizes. The Uniform Exchange is a voluntary program whereby members of the HTS community donate gently used, clean uniforms. The clothing is then made available in McKenna C for members of the HTS community. Dates are published in the Tuesday newsletter and the Main Calendar page. This program runs on the honor system with donations being made when the clothing is no longer needed, and uniforms taken when they are needed. The uniform exchange is available during the first week of school and at other times thereafter. Shirts, skirts, jumpers, pants, sweatshirts, and PE apparel are available in various sizes.