Student Council

The Student Council provides a forum through which student issues may be raised and addressed.  Officers meet regularly with Assistant Principal and a Faculty Moderator.  The Student Council sponsors the community service efforts of the school, various spirit-building activities, helps the school become a more cohesive body, and provides leadership.  Proceeds from fundraisers go to the ministries we serve and toward activities or equipment that will enhance the life of the school.

The Student Council, governed by its own constitution and bylaws, is elected by the student body. Officers are elected from the Upper School and two class representatives are elected from each homeroom in grades 4-8.

Students eligible to become Student Council officers must meet the following criteria based on the year in which they are elected and on the year in which they serve.  Representatives must meet the criteria based on the year before they are elected and on the year in which they serve.  The criteria is as follows:

  • Proven history of honesty/integrity
  • Leadership ability
  • No suspensions
  • Maintain at least a “C” average for classroom representatives and at least a “B” average for officers
  • Be in right relationship with all members of the school community

* any Student Council student not actively meeting criteria will be put on probation the following month, continued tenure will be subject to the discretion of the Ms. Farmer, the Student Council moderator.

Officers for 2016-2017

President: Cami

Vice-President: Lili

Secretary: Maggie

Treasurer: Cash

Historian: Cara

Class Representatives

Class representatives from grades 4-8 are chosen by homeroom vote.

Tag Days for 2017-2018

January 29– Capital Area Food Bank
February 15 – Educate Haiti
March 16 – CRS Rice Bowl
April 17 – Northwest Center
May 18– McKenna Center