Lunch & Milk Program

Register for milk, pizza and the Afterschool program using this form. Need to make a change later? Call the office at 337-2339; please do not resubmit the form again.

Introducing Yay Lunch!

All students bring their own snack to school daily. Students in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten bring their lunch to school daily and eat in their classrooms. Grade 1 students eat in their classrooms, but may either bring their lunch daily or purchase lunch through our new vendor, Yay Lunch. Grades 2 to 8 students eat in the Upper School cafeteria and have the choice to bring their own lunch daily or to buy through Yay Lunch, which is available Monday through Thursday, beginning on the first day of school and ending in June. On 3 pm Fridays, the Student Council manages a Domino’s pizza plan, which is offered to all grades and is also optional. You may register for pizza and milk at the start of the school year and fees will be applied to your TADS account.

Here is the Frequently Asked Questions sheet. Register directly through Yay Lunch.


Here are rates for pizza and milk.

24 Pizza Days @ $2.25/slice

1 slice = $54.00
2 slices = $108.00
3 slices = $162.00
4 slices = $216.00

173 Milk Days @ $0.50/carton = $86.50