Lunch & Milk Program

Fall 2020 Typical Lunch Bag Menu

Lunch Service

The vendor for our optional lunch program is Fairfax Food Services. Nutritional information is available at the Fairfax Food Services website. Select Ingredients from the Menu tab and choose LK & BK Ingredients List.

This year, the program is open to all students. Payment may be made in full or monthly through TADS.


Normally, every 3 pm dismissal Friday is a Pizza Day, but we are unable to run this during the current (cautious) school year.  This program, sponsored by the HTS Student Council, uses the funds collected to offset their operating costs. Pizza Days are marked on the Main Calendar page.


At the beginning of each school year, students may order milk (chocolate, 2% white, or skim) for their school lunches for a yearly fee of $52 per milk carton.

Milk Program USDA Nondiscrimination Statement