Update: 11/28/2022

CYO Basketball: The season is  upon us. Registrations have closed for the 2022 – 2023 basketball season.

*Note:  Per city & facility mandates – All participants 12 years & older must provide proof of vaccination to begin practices.  COVID protocols will be in place for practices & games.  A mandatory parent meeting will also be scheduled prior to the start of official practices.  A parent or guardian must attend the meeting in order to participate.

If you are a parent that is interested in coaching please contact Gerald McCaslin (

Note:  A team is subject to not form if no available coach is determined

The Athletic Program at Holy Trinity sponsors basketball teams through the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) for boys and girls in the following age groups:

  • 14U Boys and Girls
  • 12U Boys and Girls
  • 10U Boys and Girls
  •  1st – 2nd Grade Girls/Boys (HTS House League) More information to follow

The basketball teams will participate in the appropriate CYO leagues.

2022 – 2023 Season

( Please note all assessments and team formation was complete by HoopEd not our coaches).  Any questions about the roster should be referred to Coach McCaslin

All Grades Parent Meeting:

Date: Friday Dec 2nd @ 7pm 

Topic: CYO Basketball Parent Meeting 2022-2023 Season
Time: Dec 2, 2022 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting
Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 833 3920 6793
Passcode: BX0DUm


Practices Schedule: 

Nov Schedule: Nov Team schedule

Dec Schedule: Dec Team schedule

Note:  Please confirm with your coaches on location and time for Nov as some coaches have option to use other gyms.

Trinity Hall Practice Rules
1) Please have a plan for your child to be supervised between end of school and practice. After School goes until 6:00 pm.  Contact Chris DiTaranto ( ) if you would like your child to attend. Children cannot be unsupervised in Holy Trinity waiting for practice. In addition, plan to pick up your child promptly at the end of practice so the coach does not have to wait.

2) All students MUST remain on the bottom floor and gym. There is no access to the second and third floors.

3) Please double check that there is an adult at practice when you drop off your child. If there is not an adult, the parent must wait with his/her child until the coach arrives.  This will ensure everyone’s safety.

4) If your child is in After School and has a 5:00 or 6:00 practice, coaches will pick up their team and walk them over to the gym. Please contact Krissy Pierno to grant permission for the coach to pick up your child.

Coaches will be utilizing a communication platform called Team APP.  Below you will find a link with instructions on how to join.  Please join according to the team you will be playing with.


CYO Game Schedule:

12U Boys – Feeney Game Schedule

14U Boys – McCaslin Game Schedule

14U Boys – Farren Game Schedule

14U Girls – M. Walsh Game Schedule

14U Girls Kahl Game Schedule

Team Assignments:  Team assignments are final.  There will be no accommodations for changing a team.  Groups 10U were determined based on number of participants and ability to even out athletes to make each team as competitive as possible.  Groups 12u – 14U where determined based off the evaluations done by a third party. If you where somehow missed and you do not find your name on a roster, but attended assessments please reach out to Coach McCaslin  Again there will be no movement from players on rosters.  Coaches will begin reaching out to athletes next week.  If you have not heard from your coach by the end of next week please email  Practices will begin 2nd week in Nov for select teams.  practice schedule will be posted soon.  Please be patient as some teams only have one coach available.  Times, & days for practices are liable to change. 

 14U Boys (McCaslin) 14U Boys – McCaslin


Practice Schedule: Nov 28th – Dec 2nd

Monday Nov 28th: 4:30pm – 6pm 

Weds Nov 30th: 6pm – 7:15pm 

Thursday Nov: 4:30pm – 6pm 

14U Boys  (Farren) 14U Boys – Farren


Monday Nov 28th: 7 – 8pm 

Thursday Dec 1st: 7pm – 8pm 

12U Boys (Tetreault/Randall)  12U Boys – Tetreault



12U Boys (Feeney/Coleman) 12U Boys – Feeney



Weds Nov 30th: 4:30 – 5:30pm 

Thursday Dec 1st: 4:30pm – 6pm 

10U Boys ( Lucey/Crivela/ Bosignore) 10U Boys – Lucey


10U Boys ( Tetewabo/McCaslin) 10U Boys – Patrick


14U Girls (Kahl/Patterson) 14U Girls Kahl



Monday Nov 28th: 6pm – 7pm 

Tuesday Nov 29th: 5:30 – 6:30pm 

14U Girls (M. Walsh/Szymkowicz) 14U Girls M.Walsh



Tuesday Nov 29th: 6:30pm – 7:30pm 

Thursday Dec 1st: 7:30pm – 9pm 

Note:  Schedule has practices at HTS, but coach has option to practice at VISI.  Please confirm with Coach. 

12U Girls (Toohey/VanFossen) 12U Girls – Toohey



12U Girls ( B.Walsh) 12U Girls – D’ Angio



10U Girls ( Royal/Nauman) 10U Girls – Royal



10U Girls ( Monahan/Chandonnet) 10U Girls – Monahan