HTS/GBA Basketball Academy

We are set to begin game play March 5th, 2022 @ HTS Gym.  Practices will begin promptly at 9am.  If you are not scheduled to play this weekend that means you have a bye.  You will still get to play the same number of games as everyone, except we have an odd number of teams participating; so one different team will have a bye each week.  Please check the schedule on the website Friday night to ensure nothing has changed.
We understand that players take vacations or cannot make it, so please let myself or the coach know as soon as possible so we can make adjustments.

March 26th  Schedule is below:  

GBA League Schedule March 26th

Your athlete’s team is divided by houses so whatever house they are in represents the team they are on; with the exception of Arrupe/Beacraft.  They are in House United.  Uniforms will be given the day of the game, and returned the same day. 
Here are your coaches and their respective teams:  
Coaches Team Email
Blair Silver Romero
McCaslin Day
Van Fossen Xavier
Bendan Coleman House United
Chris Lucy Juana
Spectators are welcomed.  Please adhere to any school or state and local guidance concerning COVID19.  There will be limited seating due to space.  Please only stay to watch your athletes’ games to provide others a chance to spectate.
Players should wear comfortable basketball court tennis shoes with rubber soles.  Shorts should not have pockets if at all possible.  Any color will be ok.  Players should also wear a t-shirt that can be worn underneath their jersey.