Training Steps for Holy Trinity Volunteers

Please see the steps below to complete your training.  Once you have registered, please let HTS know that you have done so by sending an email to the VIRTUS Coordinator.

Fill out the ARCHDIOCESE VOLUNTEER application. The application can also be obtained from HTS VIRTUS Coordinator, the HTS website or online at the ADW Child Protection page. You will need to provide a copy of a photo ID.

Log on and register at VIRTUS Online.  Click on the word REGISTRATION that is in yellow on the left hand side of the VIRTUS online page.

  1. If you are searching for a session to attend, click on VIEW A LIST OF SESSIONS (If you know the session you want to attend, click on BEGIN THE REGISTRATION PROCESS instead and continue on to create a user name and password.)
  2. Click on the down arrow to the right of the SELECT YOUR ORGANIZATION.  Scroll down the drop down menu until you find WASHINGTON, DC (ARCHDIOCESE). Click on SELECT.
  3. After reviewing the list of sessions, click on START REGISTRATION
  4. Create a User ID and Password that is easy to remember in case you need to get back to your VIRTUS account.  Click on CONTINUE.
  5. Complete the registration screens.
  6. When you get to the screen that asks if you have ALREADY ATTENDED A PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN SESSION, click NO if you have not attended and select the session you want to attend.
  7. If you have attended, click YES and select the session you attended and complete the rest of the registration process.
    1. When you attend the session, be sure to sign in at the beginning and to get your certificate at the end of the session so that your enrollment is recorded. If session is virtual, please log in at least 15 minutes early. Once the video starts, you will not be admitted.
    2. Give a copy of the certificate to the HTS front office after the training

Return the completed application and the policy statement to the HTS VIRTUS Coordinator in our front office.

Call to make a fingerprint appointment with a service that accepts Livescan. A list of Maryland’s services is provided. Please complete the Livescan pre-registration application and take it with you to your appointment. The ADW agency authorization number is located on the form. Please notify the coordinator of your appointment and provide a copy of your fingerprint receipt to the office and keep one for your files.

An email will be sent to confirm your registration for the online Child Protection Workshop.

Please read the 2019 Policy-Child Protection-booklet
and sign the acknowledgment page (page 56). Turn in a copy as well as the code of conduct form on page 70 to the front office for your Virtus file. 
The process is complete when all forms are returned to the front office.  If there is any question about your compliance, we will contact you.