Parents help with all the major events and fundraisers at Holy Trinity School. Because of this, we believe that the partnership between family and school is such a wonderful and supportive collaboration that we have a requirement as part of our development contract that requires 20 volunteer hours at school per family per academic year.

We have many service opportunities over the course of the academic year including helping in the classrooms, at the library and during field trips. (Note: outside clubs, sports and scouting hours do not qualify unless they directly serve the HTS community. For example, coaching Stoddert soccer does not qualify, but scouts who work an on-campus event do.)

How to Volunteer


The Archdiocese of Washington requires that all volunteers complete the VIRTUS series of classes. These classes are offered throughout the year at various area parishes and schools, including Holy Trinity.


There are a variety of ways to help at HTS. Whether you can volunteer once or multiple times, in the morning, during the day, in the evening or on the weekends, we have a multitude of opportunities available from working directly with students to administrative work or special events. Some jobs involve planning and managing others, while others involve showing up and getting the work done. Whatever your interests and availability, we have a volunteer job for you!


You can find links to all SignUps from your class page:

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