Strategic Plan

Holy Trinity School’s Strategic Plan was developed in 2010-2011.  The 2015-2016 school year marks the fifth year of implementation for the strategic plan.  A copy of the complete strategic plan for HTS can be downloaded below:

HTS Strategic Plan – Semi-Annual Report on Progress (June 2015)

Periodic updates reflecting the progress made toward achieving the goals set forth in the strategic plan are published on this page.  Updates are published twice yearly, in January and June.  Regular communications about the HTS Strategic Plan are also provided in the electronic newsletter sent home every Tuesday to all HTS parents and in the Sunday bulletin for Holy Trinity Parishioners. Past updates of the Strategic Plan include:

Strategic Plan Performance Report (January 2015)

Strategic Plan Performance Report (June 2014)

Strategic Plan Performance Report (January 2014)

Strategic Plan Performance Report (June 2013)

Strategic Plan Performance Report (January 2013)

Strategic Plan Performance Report (June 2012)

Strategic Plan Performance Report (January 2012)


Holy Trinity’s Strategic Plan lays out four areas of strategic focus to which Holy Trinity is dedicated in order to achieve its mission:

Jesuit Identity

As a ministry of the Holy Trinity Parish, Holy Trinity School has a specific focus on educating students within the tenets of the Catholic Church, Jesuit tradition and Ignatian spirituality.  These traditions include academic excellence, critical thinking, introspection, a bias for action, and a presupposition of the inherent goodness in others.  The HTS student expects to discover God in all things, to know God better and to love God and others more fully.  The accomplished graduates of HTS exemplify these traits.  Their actions and achievements are a differentiator among area schools and will help HTS attract high caliber faculty, committed parents, and capable, thoughtful students.  Accordingly, as begun in the current Middle States Project, Holy Trinity School will continue to emphasize Ignatian spirituality and Jesuit traditions in its curriculum, activities, policies and expectations of students and faculty and administrators.

Academic Excellence

In keeping with the Jesuit concern for the total formation of each student as an individual personally loved by God, Holy Trinity School offers a distinguished educational program that focuses on the education and development of the whole child:  intellectual, emotional, physical, moral, social, spiritual, liturgical and sacramental.  The faculty and staff at Holy Trinity seek to understand and value the talents, abilities and needs of all students.  They strive to develop each individual student’s full potential and to foster the highest levels of excellence for all students.  Content and instruction are differentiated to ensure that each student is challenged according to his or her individual abilities.  With this approach, every student is granted the opportunity to succeed.  This commitment to support a range of academic abilities among our students is a key aspect of our mission and a positive differentiator for Holy Trinity School.


Community is an essential part of the Holy Trinity School experience and Holy Trinity Parish life.  HTS needs to encourage and sustain a vigorous, welcoming school community of parents, students, teachers and parishioners as well as strengthen its ties to the broader Washington Jesuit community.  We desire all members of this extended community to be involved with the school, to feel welcome at school events, appreciated for their contributions and to feel a sense of pride in the accomplishments of HTS graduates.  These two facets of community advancement will benefit HTS by helping to develop and identify resources, improve communications, increase retention of our families, and strengthen alumni relations as well as positively differentiating the HTS experience among peer schools.


Holy Trinity School has successfully operated and thrived for decades with the support of talented teachers, dedicated staff and the enthusiastic help of parents, parishioners and the Jesuit community.  However, as the school looks to its 200th year it must be able to meet additional challenges and remain strong enough to accommodate additional needs or incorporate new areas of focus.  Accordingly, the major functions of the school, the School Advisory Board and the Home School Association need to be strengthened to allow the school operational capacity and flexibility such as:  increased fund raising capacity, increased interest in enrollment, actionable plans for facility improvement, effective use of technology, etc.