The following are valid reasons for an excused absence from school (if properly documented by the student’s parent or guardian upon the student’s return to school):

  • illness of the student (after three days of illness, student must provide medical documentation that indicates that the student is able to return to school)
  • death in the student’s immediate family
  • necessity for a student to attend a judicial proceeding
  • lawful suspension or exclusion from school by chief administrative officer
  • temporary closing of facilities or suspension of classes due to severe weather, official activities, holidays, malfunctioning equipment, unsafe or unsanitary conditions, or other conditions requiring closing or suspension of classes
  • other absence(s) approved in advance by the principal upon the written request of a parent or guardian
    (Sufficient notice should be given to the school in order to provide expected student work to be completed while absent. Failure to provide sufficient time may result in an unexcused absence.)

Any absence that does not fall into one of the above categories, or is not properly documented by the student’s parent/guardian, is an unexcused absence.  Parents are requested to email or call Eileen Darcey in the Health Office at (202) 337-2339 ext. 213 before 8:10 AM and leave a detailed message if their child(ren) is going to be absent on a particular day.  As a safety measure, we alert parents if their child(ren) is not in school.  Please make sure the office has current phone numbers for both parents.  Please contact the main office with any contact changes so our school records can be adjusted immediately should your contact information change.