Fathers’ Club

Mission and Purpose

The Holy Trinity Fathers’ Club is a parent service organization made up of dedicated fathers of the school.  The purpose of the HTSFC is to support our sons and daughters, in a spirit of volunteerism through various events held throughout the calendar year, as well as provide our time and talents in support of various fundraising and social events at the school.  The HTSFC enriches the Holy Trinity experience for our sons and daughters and serves as a vehicle for fathers to be more active in school life.


All current HTS School fathers are members to the HTS Fathers Club.  There is no cost for membership and no need to sign up or register for membership.  Throughout the year, you will receive notices for specific events and volunteer opportunities.  As you receive these notices, you will need to sign up and/or RSVP to these individual activities.


Fathers’ Club Social

Annual Greg Gannon Food Drive and Deck the Halls

Last year the hard work and dedication of the Holy Trinity Parish and School to a great cause produced more than 13,000 cans of food being donated to 2 local food banks.  Amazing! And on top of that, what a fun way for the whole family to get involved.  It was great for parents to see how excited the kids got when going out on that Saturday morning and collecting those bags full of food.


Last year, through the leadership of our Fathers Club Group and the help of so many willing parents, faculty, and staff, we collected over 14,000 cans of food that went to St. Thomas More and St. Francis Xavier Churches in Southeast DC, and Holy Name Church in Northeast DC. We look forward to another successful campaign this year!

We have T-Shirts for those who participate as well!  Last year, we had over 40 territories covered.  Once you sign up, you will be able to receive your bags as follows:

Monday and Tuesday Morning Drop Off

  • Just drop your kids for school and pick up your bags; you will see us outside the Upper School entrance
  • TIPS on BAG DISTRIBUTION: You may distribute your bags to your territory at your convenience, but we suggest not doing so too early (the information you will receive details why)
  • Distributing bags over the Thanksgiving weekend may work (for example,on Friday), or the Monday or Tuesday (November 28-29 2016) before bag pick-up may be an optimal time.  It is totally up to you!! Whatever works and makes this a success is what matters

After 9:00 a.m. – Bag Pick Up by you and your team members in your territory!  This is the really fun part, especially for our little helpers, as you load your full bags in your cars!!!  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU COUNT YOUR CANS/ITEMS AND KEEP A TALLY AS YOU GO – KIDS ARE A GREAT HELP IN THIS PROCESS!

11:00 to 1:00pm – Bag Drop off at Holy Trinity, in front of HTS’ Upper School and the Church.

When you are done, park, have a burger or dog, and help us out as we joyously Deck the Halls of our Blue Ribbon School!


You may reach the Fathers’ Club by emailing holytrinityfathersclub@gmail.com.