Carpool Procedures

Arrival and Drop-off

  • PreK and Kindergarten students must be accompanied to/ dropped off in front of the Lower School, where a faculty member will be waiting from 7:45am to escort them to the classroom.
  • All students in grades 1-4 may be dropped off on 36th Street in front of Lower School after 7:45 am to join their classmates in the courtyard or their homeroom.
  • All students in grades 5-8 should be dropped off on 36th Street in front of the Upper School. They either gather in the cafeteria, Trinity Hall, or are sent to their homeroom (depending upon the day).

There should be no parking on 36th Street during the busy drop-off window and all drivers should double-check for pedestrians of all sizes as they pull up and depart.


Holy Trinity School strives to make our dismissal efficient, orderly and safe for all.  Teachers direct carpool procedures following the system described below; please follow their directions to keep things safe and moving along in a timely fashion.

We also invite you to team up to form carpools and reduce the traffic flow for our neighbors and our lines. Call the office for a map of school families who reside in your zip code.

Carpools A, B, C and Walkers

The three carpool groups are distinguished by the youngest student in each carpool and each group has distinct approach routes.

Please note N Street will be one-way from 2:55-3:15pm each school day.

Carpool A

Carpool A Map

All carpools that include only Upper School students (5th-8th) will:

  • Come west through P Street
  • Turn left on 36th Street
  • Continue to the front of the Upper School for pickup

Carpool B

Carpool B Map

All carpools that include any Early Childhood students (pre-kindergarten and kindergarten) will:

  • Come west through O Street from 35th Street
  • Turn left on 36th Street
  • Turn left again onto N Street, hugging the left side of N Street for pickup

Carpool C

Carpool C Map

All carpools that include Lower School students (1st-4th without siblings in Pre-K or K), including mixed carpools of students in grades 1-8, will:

  • Come west through Prospect Street from 35th Street
  • Turn right on 37th Street
  • Turn right again onto N Street, hugging the right side of N Street for pickup


Upper School walkers exit the building through the O Street Trinity Hall doors. Parents of walkers can meet their students there.

Guidelines for Parents

  1. Teachers, staff and parents need to help put students into cars. Students may not leave the curb unless escorted by an adult.
  2. Parents may not leave their cars unattended while in the carpool line.
  3. Parents may not use cell phones in the carpool line unless the car’s engine is off.
  4. Cars must be in the carpool line; parents may not park across the street and ask their student(s) to come to the car. If parents do not wish to be part of the carpool line, they must park elsewhere and walk to meet their student(s).

Save Time, Save Gas

Fine tune your arrival for the 3:05-3:10pm window (when the lines have usually dissipated) so that you can roll up, load up and roll out quickly.