Grade 5 Curriculum Highlights



  • Discovering a love of literature through multiple genres
  • Strategizing for understanding a difficult text, by rereading, asking questions and adjusting rate of reading


  • Writing with coherent form and structure
  • Organizing information to show understanding, by charting, summarizing, comparing and/or contrasting
  • Structuring paragraphs with opening, closing, and supporting sentences
  • Summarizing writing
  • Revising and editing writing both for oneself and one’s peers

Listening and Speaking:

  • Retelling stories and reciting poetry
  • Asking questions to gather information or to clarify thoughts
  • Presenting research orally and by utilizing technology
  • Discussing stories and books
  • Writing and performing skits
  • Taking notes


  • Gaining a solid understanding of place value
  • Studying metric and English systems of measurement
  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers, decimals, and fractions
  • Develop the ideas of fractions and how they represent a part of a whole or a part of a set
  • Learning basic geometric ideas


  • Learning about the Sacraments
  • Growing as a Person for Others who sees God in all things
  • Leading the Daily Examen


  • Investigating Cells, Classification and Kingdoms
  • Focusing on Invertebrates and Vertebrates (Birds and Mammals)
  • Learning about the Human Body
  • Understanding the Scientific Method

Social Studies

Knowledge Outcomes:

  • Tracing the historical periods and peoples that have led to the development of the United States up to 1800
  • Learning geographical features of the United States

Skills Outcomes:

  • Analyzing source documents that led to the formation of the United States government
  • Using and applying map skills
  • Applying geography terminology to interpret data
  • Analyzing physical and human characteristics of places and differentiating how human actions vs. geography modifies the physical environment
  • Mapping key concepts of United States geography


  • Attaining proficiency in four basic skills- speaking, listening, reading, and writing
  • Incorporating prayers and religion
  • Gaining exposure to different Spanish cultures


  • Using personal experience, observation and experimentation to generate ideas for artwork.
  • Following appropriate steps and safety measure to display good craftsmanship in artwork.
  • Gaining experience in a variety of media, techniques, and art forms.
  • Understanding art in relationship to history and culture.
  • Applying reflection, criticism, and aesthetics when producing and responding to artworks.


  • Singing independently and in ensembles with proper technique (diction, breath control, posture, tone quality)
  • Playing instruments in a group, with a steady beat and using correct technique
  • Performing folk dances and study techniques of dance (tap, ballet, Irish)
  • Experiencing music from a variety of cultures and historical eras
  • Identifying and applying musical terms for dynamics, tempo, articulation, and expression

Physical Education

  • Developing fitness, skills, knowledge, and confidence
  • Understanding how to be an effective teammate
  • Growth of leadership skills
  • Having fun


  • Using iPads for various activities including musical instrument applications, research, and creating storybooks
  • Identifying terms and basic understanding of the internet and how it functions
  • Computer Use:
    • Presenting information in a simple multimedia presentation (e.g. Google Slides, Prezi)
    • Importing graphics
    • Using graphic organizer software (e.g. Kidspiration)
    • Sending and receiving information efficiently
    • Using basic functions of spreadsheet software
  • Learning the basics of computer programming and coding