Grade 4 Curriculum Highlights



  • Exploring a broad range of genres through small group guided reading
  • Reading for meaning, information, and pleasure
  • Developing grade-appropriate vocabulary


  • Spelling with appropriate accuracy
  • Writing both creatively and informatively
  • Reflecting on the learning process through writing
  • Practicing cursive writing daily
  • Strengthening Six Trait writing skills

Listening and Speaking:

  • Participating in literary discussions
  • Presenting book projects
  • Being a discerning audience member
  • Researching and effective use of technology


  • Reviewing place value, estimation, and rounding
  • Mastering of arithmetic facts
  • Applying arithmetic skills to word problems
  • Gaining understanding of measurement and probability


  • Reinforcing solid conscience formation and understanding the role of intention deciding whether an act is right or wrong
  • Studying the lives of Saints and other holy people


  • Discussing Earth’s history and its structure as it relates to rocks and fossils
  • Learning about the Properties and Changes of Matter, Forms of Energy (heat, light, sound), and Electricity and Magnetism
  • Learning about animal characteristics, organ systems, cells in animals and plants, and changes in ecosystems

Social Studies

Knowledge Goals:

  • Tracing the historical periods, places, people, events, and movements that have led to the development of the United States, Maryland as a state and the District of Columbia as the nation’s capital
  • Memorizing the fifty states and their capital cities

Skills Goals:

  • Using map skills.
  • Applying geography terminology to interpret data: past, present, and future
  • Analyzing physical and human characteristics of places and differentiate how human actions vs. geography modifies the physical environment
  • Researching and creating an individual state report that focuses on the climate, physical features, economy, natural resources, major cities, important historical events, and tourist attractions for assigned state


  • Provide a variety of instructional approaches to regularly renew students’ interest and attention
  • Progress toward acquiring functional oral Spanish skills by speaking, listening, and comprehension
  • Introduce reading and written in Spanish, as appropriate to grade level
  • Develop an appreciation of Hispanic Culture
  • Incorporate Catholic traditions and prayers into Spanish instruction
  • Memorize the Spanish speaking countries and the capital cities


  • Accepting Art as a way of knowing and communicating
  • Celebrating each student’s works as he or she is able to create it
  • Developing art vocabulary
  • Experiencing projects in drawing, sketching, painting, sculpting, printmaking, and architecture
  • Increasing awareness of the art and architecture in our school grounds and neighborhood, as well as in other cultures


  • Singing on pitch and expressively
  • Playing instruments with a steady beat and using correct technique
  • Experiencing music from a variety of cultures and historical eras
  • Creating dances to match the form of a piece of music

Physical Education

  • Developing fitness, skills, knowledge, and confidence
  • Understanding how to be an effective teammate
  • Growth of leadership skills
  • Having fun


  • Understanding internet safety and good behavior
  • Identifying and defining technology terms
  • Typing and keyboarding
  • Performing basic commands in order to use software effectively, e.g. Google Drive, learning management system, email
  • Gaining proficiency with presentation software (e.g. Google Slides and PowerPoint)
  • Using iPads for creating tutorials and presentations
  • Using Scratch to learn computer programming