Grade 3 Curriculum Highlights



  • Strengthening students’ reading fluency, comprehension, writing, and oral expression
  • Reading selections from many different genres including historical fiction, realistic fiction, fantasy, poetry, and non-fiction texts
  • Demonstrating reading comprehension in a variety of ways


  • Learning steps in the writing process
  • Writing creatively and informatively
  • Strengthening age appropriate spelling
  • Learning cursive handwriting
  • Developing knowledge of grammar rules

Listening and Speaking:

  • Participating in literary discussions
  • Presenting book projects
  • Being a polite audience member
  • Performing cross-curricular skits or musicals
  • Using technology effectively


  • Regrouping in three- and four-digit addition/subtraction problems
  • Mastering multiplication facts from 0-12
  • Extending understanding of place value, rounding, fractions, time, and money
  • Exploring the building blocks of geometry in two and three dimensional shapes
  • Plotting ordered pairs, creating and interpreting graphs, and constructing congruent shapes
  • Find equivalent fractions, make change, determine elapsed time


  • Focusing prayer as conversation with God
  • Reflecting on good and bad choices each day through the Daily Examen
  • Exploring the mystery of the Holy Trinity
  • Identify the Body Safety Rules
  • Memorizing the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, The Stations of the Cross and parts of the Mass
  • Discussing Saints and Holy People, especially St. Ignatius
  • Discussing the Gospel reading from the Sunday Mass


  • Learning the complete steps of the scientific method and data recording
  • Using the correct tools properly during an experiment (Ex: microscope, magnifying glass, etc.)
  • Discussing the similarities and differences between the life cycle of animals and plants
  • Demonstrating how simple machines work
  • Researching a specific ocean animal, then giving written and oral reports
  • Developing an understanding of astronomy

Social Studies

Knowledge Objectives:

  • Learning about maps, geographic terms, and the community around them
  • Exploring colonial life, Native Americans, and the early settlement of the Washington DC area
  • Studying the branches and levels of government, the role of citizens in a democratic society, and the history and meaning behind our Nation’s symbols
  • Identify characteristics of colonial and Native American life

Skills Objectives:

  • Demonstrating how to find a location using latitude and longitude on a map
  • Labelling the continents and oceans on a blank map


  • Progressing toward acquiring functional oral Spanish skills (Speaking, listening, and comprehension)
  • Introducing reading and written Spanish
  • Developing an appreciation of Hispanic Culture
  • Incorporating Catholic traditions and prayers into Spanish instruction


  • Knowing art as a language of knowing and communicating
  • Growing in the identification, understanding and application of the elements of art
  • Introducing relevant cultures and artists
  • Reviewing and solidifying the portfolio emerging from all their works
  • Increasing student awareness of the art and architecture in our school grounds and neighborhood


  • Sing on pitch and expressively
  • Playing instruments in a group with a steady beat and using correct technique
  • Experiencing music from a variety of cultures and historical eras through singing, dancing, and listening

Physical Education

  • Developing fitness, skills, knowledge, and confidence
  • Understanding how to be an effective teammate
  • Growth of leadership skills
  • Having fun


  • Beginning to use school email account
  • Keyboarding
  • Continuing to use of iPad Applications (e.g. Explain Everything to create tutorials on different topics)
  • Learning technology vocabulary