Grade 2 Curriculum Highlights



  • Becoming independent readers
  • Exploring texts in a variety of genres
  • Acquiring reading strategies for fluency
  • Applying reading comprehension strategies
  • Sorting words
  • Building vocabulary


  • Mastering manuscript handwriting
  • Researching basic information
  • Writing for process and pleasure
  • Writing for response and reflection

Listening and Speaking:

  • Participating in literary discussions
  • Asking questions
  • Being an attentive audience member
  • Performing cross-curricular skits or musicals
  • Using technology to support and enhance presentation


  • Understanding numbers, ways of representing numbers, and relationships among numbers
  • Computing and estimating with whole numbers
  • Recognizing patterns; duplicating and extending them
  • Identifying, describing, and classifying common geometric shapes
  • Understanding measurable attributes of objects and applying appropriate techniques and tools
  • Understanding basic concepts of probability, data collection, and creating visual representations of data
  • Problem solving and strategies
  • Reasoning and Communicating mathematically


  • Deepening the relationship with Christ through prayer, exploration of Scripture, and continued emphasis on the communal, sacramental life of the Church
  • Preparing for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist
  • Learning parts of the Mass, postures, gestures, and responses
  • Understanding common rites and rituals of the Church


  • Investigating and describing natural surroundings
  • Understanding animal/plant interaction
  • Using a variety of measurement tools including: thermometer, scale, magnifying glass, microscope, and simple anemometer
  • Introducing scientific method and applying scientific thinking in a variety of settings
  • Building scientific vocabulary

Social Studies

Knowledge Objectives:

  • Building an understanding of the interaction between individuals, groups, and the surrounding environment
  • Focusing on community life, especially traditions and histories

Skills Objectives:

  • Introducing textbook literacy skills
  • Discuss and explore processes of community-building
  • Identifying, participating in, and planning community traditions


  • Acquiring functional oral Spanish skills by speaking, listening, and comprehension
  • Introducing reading and writing in Spanish
  • Developing an appreciation of Hispanic culture
  • Investigating Catholic traditions and prayers in Hispanic culture


  • Knowing art as a language of knowing and communicating
  • Growing in the identification, understanding and application of the elements of art
  • Introducing relevant cultures and artists
  • Reviewing and solidifying the portfolio emerging from all their works
  • Increasing student awareness of the art and architecture in our school grounds and neighborhood


  • Singing on pitch and expressively.
  • Playing instruments in a group with a steady beat and using correct technique
  • Experiencing music from a variety of cultures and historical eras through singing, dancing, and listening

Physical Education

  • Developing fitness, skills, knowledge, and confidence
  • Understanding how to be an effective teammate
  • Growing of leadership skills
  • Having fun


  • Introducing iPads as learning tools
  • Learning about internet safety
  • Using applications to enhance and deepen classroom learning
  • Finding homework on website
  • Learning technology vocabulary
  • Reading passages and answering questions: test taking skills and practice
  • Programming Bee-bots