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Middlebury Interactive Languages Program

The Middlebury Interactive Languages program provides 5th-8th grade students with an opportunity to immerse themselves in a second language through an interactive online environment. Students have access, in the classroom as well as at home, to a very comprehensive set of activities that evaluate their reading, listening, speaking and writing skills as well as provide them with an in-depth exploration of foreign customs and cultures.

For those students in Spanish, the Middlebury Interactive Languages program is an expansion to our Spanish program at HTS. Spanish students meet 3 times every week, alternating weeks between in-class instruction and online instruction through Middlebury.

The independent study learners meet in a separate room three times each week while the Spanish class is meeting. Expectations will be set and the class coordinated by an attending teacher who is also fluent in Spanish. Progress reports will be sent home during the school year for parents.

Middlebury Grading Procedure

Spanish Students will receive regular grades based on their effort and performance in both classroom instruction time as well as the Middlebury online course. For Middlebury, students will receive 3 main grades within each quarter that is a summary evaluation of the progress that they have made on the Middlebury program.

Independent study learners will also receive 3 main grades within each quarter evaluating their progress on the program so that students and parents will know if they are on track.

Students and Parents can access their Middlebury account and gradebook at home by using the following link:


Parents may use the same login credentials that their children use when accessing the system.


For any further questions about the Middlebury program or grading procedure, please email either Kevin McShane (kmcshane@htsdc.org) or Alexis Fleming (afleming@htsdc.org).