Mission & Philosophy

Logan and Chiara

“The ultimate aim of Jesuit education is . . . that full growth of the person which leads to action—action, especially, that is suffused with the spirit and presence of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Man-for-Others. This goal of action, based on sound understanding and enlivened by contemplation, urges students to self-discipline and initiative, to integrity and accuracy.”

Ignatian Pedagogy, A Practical Approach 
International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education, 1989

Mission Statement

At Holy Trinity School, we welcome all to the Jesuit Catholic traditions of educational excellence, the service of faith, and the promotion of justice. 

Strategic Plan

As we enter our third century at Holy Trinity School, the plan below lays out our strategic priorities over the three to five years. During that time, we will also consider a longer range vision for the school that will guide us into the middle of the 21st Century. That plan will lay out carefully the goal stated for the first time below: that HTS not only continue to thrive, but also that the school gain recognition as a national leader for innovation and excellence in Catholic education.

Read the complete Holy Trinity School Strategic Plan.