Diversity & Equity Initiative

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Quote of the Month: June

The things that make me different are the things that make me.

A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference.

All quotes by A.A. Milne

As we wrap up the school year for the summer, The Faculty Diversity Committee has been and will continue to work hard to reflect on the past year.  The beauty of this work is that it is never done, there is always more to do; more to learn, and more to think about.  We leave you with the quotes above to consider when questions arise.  When your children see something, hear something, or experience something that makes them scared, worried, happy or inspired -  Please carry on the conversations to always lead with kindness, and continue to love and accept others.  Have a wonderful summer!

How can you help with the Diversity and Equity Initiative? 

We will meet over the summer to share updates and progress on our numerous initiatives.  Please feel free to email Peggy or Daniela with ideas or suggestions.



Join the faculty and staff in reading:

Unselfie, by Dr. Michelle Borba


Fierce Conversations, by Susan Scott

White Fragility, by Robin Diangelo

If so, and you would be willing to do a parent book review please email me a dkrum@htsdc.org.

Mission Statement

The Holy Trinity School Diversity & Equity Committee provides leadership, support, and resources to advance and sustain an all-inclusive school community where every individual is valued and embraced. We are committed to promoting awareness and a deeper understanding of all types of diversity so that everyone in our community feels safe and welcome. In order to be People for Others and to develop our Ignatian spirituality, we believe that social justice starts within our families and our school community. 

Resources for Parents

Community Voices

"HTS is a vibrant, warm, faith-filled community that loves and welcomes our children, appreciates their strengths, helps them overcome challenges, and, most importantly, teaches them to be people for others." -HTS Parent

"In the aftermath of the events of Charlottesville and as part of our commitment to justice (a core component of our Jesuit tradition), teachers at HTS are engaged in ongoing discussion about how to raise awareness for peace and justice (in developmentally appropriate ways) across the curriculum. " -HTS Teacher

Director of Diversity and Equity

Questions about Holy Trinity's diversity and equity initiative? Please contact Daniela Krum at dkrum@htsdc.org or our Associate Director Peggy Tio at ptio@htsdc.org.