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- Join us in Faber on January 4 for our monthly Parent Committee Meeting at 8:15 am.

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Embrace Race:
RaceTalk among White Families Post-Floyd. Now What?
In the wake of George Floyd's murder under the knee of a white police officer in May 2020, millions of people took to the streets, demanding major reforms to systems of policing, specifically, and tangible progress on issues of racial justice, more generally.

While the response in the street rightly commanded significant media attention, the nature of the response in the privacy of our homes did not. For example, did the circumstances of Floyd's death, at once shocking and unsurprising, nudge some White parents off their typically "colorblind" stances toward racetalk with their White children? Did parent-child conversations about race become more frequent in light of that high-profile atrocity? Where do we go from here, individually and collectively?

Register - December 16, 8:30pm

Mission Statement

The Holy Trinity School Diversity & Equity Committee provides leadership, support, and resources to advance and sustain an all-inclusive school community where every individual is valued and embraced. We are committed to promoting awareness and a deeper understanding of all types of diversity so that everyone in our community feels safe and welcome. In order to be People for Others and to develop our Ignatian spirituality, we believe that social justice starts within our families and our school community. 

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"HTS is a vibrant, warm, faith-filled community that loves and welcomes our children, appreciates their strengths, helps them overcome challenges, and, most importantly, teaches them to be people for others." -HTS Parent

"In the aftermath of the events of Charlottesville and as part of our commitment to justice (a core component of our Jesuit tradition), teachers at HTS are engaged in ongoing discussion about how to raise awareness for peace and justice (in developmentally appropriate ways) across the curriculum. " -HTS Teacher

Director of Diversity and Equity

Questions about Holy Trinity's diversity and equity initiative? Please contact Daniela Krum at dkrum@htsdc.org